August Mood Board

August 3, 2015, In: Mood Boards

August is like the Sunday of Summer — Ellen DeGenres

August Mood Board

Sadly we need to say goodbye to July, but let’s continue the fun right through August shall we? The August mood board has just a few things that are on my mind this month.

Popsicles: Last month I made Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir Wine-sicles and they’re still on my mind. What other flavors could I try? For some taste buds are crying out for mint.

Sunflowers: Love these big bold flowers. Unlike Spring, who’s delicate flowers can’t withstand a rain shower or a bit of wind. August flowers stand tall and say ‘bring it.’ If you want to cut a sunflower down, you better bring some serious tools. (image)

Road Trips: Summer is all about loading up the motorcycle and discovering amazing places. This year we  discovered Brown County Indiana and we’re already planning our next trip back. You never know what’s in your own back yard, get out there and explore!

Mojitos: Wine is my drink of choice, but in the summer I want something cold and refreshing… nothing beats a good mojito. It’s also fun to say, try it… mojito. Love the mint smell as it’s being made. I did say my taste buds are crying out for mint! However, this mojito by Sam at Drizzle & Dip is made with basil. That sounds amazing and I just happen to have basil in my herb garden, I think it’s a sign.

Fedoras: The one downside to jumping on the motorcycle and riding around for hours is helmet hair. The struggle is real. I could dedicate an entire post to this and I might just some day. For now all I’m going say is: hats. Get hats and make one of them a fedora. Take off the helmet, throw on a fedora and you’re able to walk around town without looking like a bad-ass biker chick. Unless, of course, you want to look like a bad-ass biker chick. (image)

Succulents: My last home had beautiful mature trees surrounding it, which meant there was little sunlight. I had an amazing collection of house plants which slowly died and I eventually gave up. My new home has a big window with full sun and I’m thrilled to be building back up my plant collection. I have the basics and now it’s time to bring in some succulents, which will be forgiving when I forget to water them! (image)

That’s just a sample of the inspiration playing in my mind this August. What inspiration do you have? August… let’s get out there and enjoy it!

Salute, Denise

(monarch butterfly image)

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