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June 4, 2014, In: Accessories, Creativity, Crochet, DIY, How-to

Good day! I must admit, I absolutely love to crochet. Blankets, scarves, hats, bags…the list goes on and on. However, recently I found a perfect little pattern for a star appliqué that I just can’t seem to get my mind off of!

Crochet Star Headband

The pattern is very simple, using only three different stitches: chain (ch), slip-stitch (sl st), and single crochet (sc). Check it out here. I used it to make both a headband and garland.

For the headband, I used embroidery thread, glass beads, and elastic. I chose a D- size crochet hook (3.25 mm).

Crochet Supplies

Following the pattern on Maggie’s Crochet, I finished with a ring of sc and 5 points. Then, I embellished the star with beads using very thin string in the same cream color as the thread, as well as a thin embroidery needle. After completing 12 embellished stars, I then sewed together using the same embroidery thread. Finally, I sewed white elastic to the two end stars and…Ta-da!

Crochet Headband

But, I couldn’t stop there. I simply love this pattern so much that I had to make a lovely little star garland for my room. This time I used yarn, plastic beads, and a G-size crochet hook (6-4.25mm). After completing 14 stars, I sewed one yellow plastic bead in each center. Then, I added a 5′ piece of yarn, sewing it through the back of each star. I made sure to place the stars evenly on the yarn. I love the way it came out.

Crochet Garland

I hope you enjoy this pattern and ideas as much as I do! I’m thinking of using it for the Fourth of July as well…let me know what you do with it!

Salute, Cassie


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