Dairy Free Chocolate Mint Milkshake

July 25, 2014, In: Cooking, Food and Drink

I have been eating dairy free for a few years now. For the most part I don’t miss cow’s milk, especially since I discovered almond milk! But every once in a while I will crave ice cream! Yes, there is an almond milk version of ice cream and I’ll be using it in this recipe, but almond milk ice cream lacks that creamy flavor and texture that real ice cream has.


I often make smoothies for breakfast using chocolate almond milk. I’ve noticed that for some reason, the chocolate almond milk is thicker than the vanilla or plain. This got me to thinking, what if I combined chocolate almond milk and almond milk ice cream! Could I get that creamy flavor I’ve been missing?


The answer was a delicious YES, and the dairy free chocolate mint milkshake was born! I combine one part chocolate almond milk (I like the Silk brand) with two parts almond milk mint chip ice cream (I use the So Delicious brand). You can adjust this depending on how thick you want your milkshake to be. Thicker, add more ice cream, thinner add less. Blend the two together. I use my Magic Bullet. (On a side note, I absolutely love my Magic Bullet and highly recommend it. No, I’m not being paid to say that, I just really like it!)


And there you have it, a quick, easy and delicious dairy free version of a milkshake!


Salute, Sharleen

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