Decorating With and Caring For Tillandsias

July 21, 2014, In: Gardening, Home Decor, How-to

Tillandsias, also known as “air plants” are fun to decorate with and super easy to care for.


Tillandsias in nature grow on rocks and branches and do not require soil to grow in. This soil-less habit is how they got the nickname “air plant” and is also what makes them so much fun to decorate with. You can place an air plant in or on just about anything in your home.


Just because tillandsias don’t require soil to grow doesn’t mean they require no care at all. Like any other plant tillandsias require water and light. They prefer bright, indirect light and watering once a week. To water an air plants, simply soak the entire plant in luke warm water for 15 minutes once a week, shake off any excess water and allow to dry completely before putting back into place.


When choosing a spot to place your air plant there are two things to consider. First, be sure there is plenty of room around your air plant to provide for ample air flow. Not providing enough air will cause the plant to rot and die. Second, keep your air plant away from any cold drafts, tillandsias are tropical plants and can not tolerate cool temperatures.


My favorite is the Tillandsia Xerographica, it’s large with wild, curling leaves in a pretty grayish green color. With so many varieties of air plants available, you’ll be sure to find one that you’ll soon be calling your favorite too!

Salute, Sharleen



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