DIY Daisy Crown

May 28, 2014, In: Accessories, Fashion, Floral

Hello! As mentioned in my previous fashion post, here is an easy DIY tutorial for a summer daisy crown:

diy crown

Supplies Needed:

  • Silk Daisy Blooms
  • Silk Greens
  • Moss Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun and Stick
  • Moss Cloth (optional)


To begin, measure and cut the moss wire to your head length. I chose 23″, as I like the crown to sit lower on my head.

You can purchase the moss-covered wire here.


Next, glue your silk greens to the moss wire. I cut them from a bunch of silk flowers I purchased at my local craft store. No need to attach evenly, as it should look natural!


Then, attach your daisy blooms! I used 11 blooms altogether, alternating 6 large and 5 small. I glued the plastic end of the blooms to the side of the wire, making sure to try on the crown as I went.


Now, attach the leafy greens. I used 4 leaves to fill in any bare patches of the crown.


(Optional) Finish off by attaching small pieces of moss cloth to the inside of the crown, covering any plastic ends.


Here’s what it should look like on the inside when finished.


TA-da! A lovely accessory for any summer outfit.


I also created an even easier crown, using only daisy trim, white elastic, and hot glue. I measured and cut the daisy trim to 14” and the white elastic to 8.” Then, I glued the elastic to the trim, applying the glue to the back center of the end daisies. And that’s it!


I’d love to see an creations inspired by this post! Enjoy!

Salute, Cassie



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