DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

April 25, 2014, In: DIY, Gardening, Home Decor, How-to


Hanging gardens are so popular right now, and what better way to hang a plant than with a macrame hanger.

Yes macrame! The same macrame from the ’70’s only simplified and updated to better work with today’s modern decor trends.

This hanger is so quick and easy, you’ll find yourself making multiples of it!

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • One 32mm round wood bead
  • One 1.5″ brass ring
  • 14 yards Bonnie Braid 4mm Craft Cord

I found all of my supplies at my local Hobby Lobby

Begin by cutting 4 strands of cord each 3 1/2 yards long. Slip all 4 cords through the brass ring and center. Then slide all 8 strands through the wood bead and push up to the brass ring.


Separate the strands into 4 pairs. Make a knot with each pair about 15″ down from the ring.


Now we”ll form the net of our basket. Measure down 4″ from your first set of knots and make another set of knots using one strand from each side of former knots. Repeat this by dropping down another 4″ and knot again using one strand from each side of the former knots.


To create the bottom knot we’ll be using a knot called the square knot, where two strands are working strands and two are not)


Directly below the last set of knots make a square knot using 4 strands on one side then switch sides and make another square knot with the remaining four strands.

Finish by wrapping one of the strands around all of the other strands several times and tie off with a simple knot to one of the inside strands.


Trim ends to about 1.5″ and unravel cord to create a fuller look.

Here’s what your finished hanger should look like.


Now it’s time to add your plant!

I like to use plants that have a natural drape to them, like ferns or spider plants.  I think they lend themselves nicely to being hung, but you can use any plant you like.


Happy Crafting!


Salute, Sharleen


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