Dorm Sweet Dorm Free Downloadable Print

August 19, 2015, In: Back-to-School, Freebies


Dorm Sweet Dorm free downloadable print will add some pizazz to your dorm room.

Dorm Sweet Dorm Free Downloadable Print

It’s off to college time and we have three free downloadable prints to spruce up your dorm. Dorm Sweet Dorm and two accent prints.

All three prints are available in two different sizes. 8×10 and 5×7. Print all three and hang as a triptych, or print just one and place in a frame.

Placed in a frame, this would make a great ‘dorm warming’ gift as well. I put mine in this 5×7 frame from Target that was only $2.99. How’s that for sticking to a budget!

8×10 Side Print One (criss cross)

8×10 Side Print Two (chevron)

8×10 Center Print, Dorm Sweet Dorm

5×7 Side Print One (criss cross)

5×7 Side Print Two (chevron)

5×7 Center Print, Dorm Sweet Dorm

Enjoy and have a great school year.

Salute, Denise

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