Easter Bunny Inspired Place Setting

March 8, 2016, In: Creativity, DIY, Easter, Occasion

Last week, Denise shared with us her adorable Easter brunch menu and place cards. Today, I’d like to show you how I used her designs to create an Easter bunny inspired place setting.

Easter Brunch Inspiration

To create this Easter bunny inspired place setting, you’ll need a few supplies:

For the bunny folded napkins:

  • set of white napkins 20″x 20″ square, pressed. (mine are by Threshold from Target)
  • twine

For the place setting:

  • set of plate chargers (also by Threshold from Target)
  • set of white plates (again by Threshold from Target)
  • chocolate Easter bunny brunch menu and place cards by Denise (available here)
  • box of Lindt chocolate carrots (available at Target)

For the floral centerpiece: (get the tutorial here)

  • large origami paper vase cover by Sharleen (available here)
  • two bunches of tulips

For the chocolate bunny centerpiece:

  • large chocolate bunny
  • glass cloche with stand (similar to this by Pottery Barn)
  • floral pins
  • sheet moss
  • 1 brick of dry floral foam
  • 3 small air plants
  • 3 small amethyst pieces


easter bunny inspired place setting

You’ll want to begin by downloading, printing and cutting out Denise’s Easter brunch menu and place cards. I placed the menu on top of my plate and the place card at the top of the plate on the plate charger. To reinforce the bunny theme, I put a Lindt chocolate carrot next to the place card. The Lindt chocolate carrots have a plastic hook in the center of them. I didn’t like how that looked, so I simply used wire cutters and cut the hook part off just below the top of the green foil. Much better!

easter bunny inspired place setting

To create the chocolate bunny centerpiece, cut a brick of dry floral foam to fit the base of your glass cloche. Secure the sheet moss to the dry foam with floral pins. Secure the chocolate rabbit to the foam using floral pins. Place two pieces of amethyst in front of the chocolate rabbit and one behind. Using the floral pins again, secure two of the small air plants in front of the chocolate rabbit and one behind. Place the glass cloche over the top and you’re done! (Note, I didn’t place the glass cloche over the top in the picture due to the glare it was causing when I was trying to photograph it, but in real life I did!)

Later this week, I’ll post a tutorial on how to make the bunny napkin fold, be sure to check back for it!

Salute, Sharleen

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