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March 26, 2015, In: Easter, Floral, Occasion, Paper Flowers

I just love the Easter menu and place card that Denise created for us! However, as a florist, I’m not happy if there isn’t a little bit of something floral on the table. I decided I wanted to add a paper tulip to each place setting. It serves as something my guests can take home with them and enjoy for the rest of this Spring season. Today I’ll share with you how I make my paper tulips.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Italian crepe paper in green, pink and yellow
  • 18 gauge florist wire
  • low temperature hot glue gun
  • florist tape in green



Begin by creating a loop at the top of your florist wire (1). Then cut a 1″x 1/2″ piece of yellow crepe paper, cut five slits evenly spaced about 3/4 of the way down and twist each section (2). Cut three 3″x 2″ pieces of pink crepe paper, cut each piece to form a petal shape and shape each petal by stretching the center of the petal and gathering the bottom (3). Finally cut a long and narrow leaf shape from green crepe paper. Shape the leaf by stretching the center (4).


Wrap the twisted yellow crepe paper around the wire and attach with glue.

step3blog  step4blog

Attach each petal with glue overlapping slightly. Finish by wrapping the base of the petals and stem with florist tape.


Continue shaping your petals until you get the cup like shape of a tulip.


Finally, attach the green crepe paper leaf about halfway down the stem with florist tape.

You can lay the paper tulip on the table as I did in the picture above or place a few in a bud vase and use as a centerpiece.

Salute, Sharleen


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