Fashion Trend: High-Waisted Shorts

June 25, 2014, In: Fashion, How-to

I must admit, high-waisted shorts are one of my favorite trends this summer. I love anything high-waisted. Originating in the 1940s, high-waisted pants allowed women a more functional uniform for the workplace. Further popularized in the 1950s, high-waisted pants became quite the trend, expanding to capris and shorts.

Photo: Vintage Stardust

Photo: Vintage Stardust

I love Ms. Hepburn’s look with a plaid button-down shirt! I find that high-waisted shorts look great with tucked in blouses or tees. I can’t help but love them with crop tops too! However, finding the right pair of high-waisted shorts can be tricky. Here are a few helpful tips to help you find that perfect pair:

1. Find the right size and cut for your body shape. If you have a shorter torso or larger bust, go for shorts that hit at the belly-button area. If you have shorter legs, choose shorts that are shorter in length. Always make sure to do a “butt-check,” as my mom and I call it, in the mirror. Don’t buy shorts that show anything other than your legs and beware of the “mom butt.” I like my shorts to have lower back pockets, so as to emphasize, rather than flatten my shape.

2. Consider the overall fit. I usually choose form fitting shorts, as I have more of a curvy shape and prefer not too add additional volume. Looser, flowing shorts can be great too, especially for slimmer shapes.

Photo: The Vintage Fair

Photo: The Vintage Fair

3. Choose a color or pattern. I typically wear black or darker denim high-waist shorts. These look great on all shapes, as darker shades often thin and elongate the body. Neutral tones are always classy. Pattern can be fun, especially for summer. I love plaid and gingham.

4. Try a pair with embellishments! It’s important to have at least one simple pair of shorts. However, buttons and studs can be such fun! Choose a pair that you feel most comfortable in. Clothes are not only for function and self-expression, but as Sophia Amoruso states in her new book, #girlboss, “Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world.” I couldn’t agree more.

Photo: Civilizatia

Photo: Civilizatia

Most importantly, be confident! Not all people like this trend, but that’s the case with anything. Almost anyone can pull off high-waisted shorts. Just go for it! Let me know how you choose to style your shorts this summer!

Salute, Cassie

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