Father’s Day Printables: World’s Best Pop(corn)!

June 9, 2015, In: Father's Day, Freebies


Tell your Pop that you think he’s the world’s best!

Sharleen and I have created two gift sets for you to make for Dad this Father’s day, or any other day you want to let him know he’s the world’s best. First up is a set printable mason jar labels for you to download.

There are four labels: kettle popcorn, bacon popcorn, caramel popcorn and good old regular butter popcorn. There are also three jar top labels you can mix and match. I made different popcorns (kettle, bacon and caramel) and filled three Kerr quart mason jars. Three jars fit perfectly in this small basket by Ashland and I used a little excelsior to support them. I found everything at Michael’s.



Download the World’s Best Pop(corn) jar and lid labels for free here.

Click here for the popcorn recipes I used. Then come back again next week and see Sharleen’s gift set (hint: it’s a different kind of ‘pop’).
Salute, Denise

The popcorn jar and lid labels are available for free at the link above. You can support our work by purchasing the card, banner and paper for just $2.50. [purchase_link id=”2597″ style=”button” color=”white” text=”Add to Cart”]



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    This amazing idea will surely be loved by all the dad’s. I tried a similar one during my childhood. Thanks for sharing this idea!

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    • June 9, 2015

    These are fantastic. I like the design of them and know they will make a wonderful gift when put together. Thanks for the idea for Father’s Day–I needed some inspiration for something affordable and DIY this year.

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