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April 7, 2014, In: Floral, How-to

The number one selling cut flower in our store is Alstroemeria! Why? Because it’s inexpensive, long lasting and looks beautiful all on it’s own in a vase.

alstoemeria guide

Even though Alstroemeria by nature is long lasting and beautiful, there are a few trade tips and tricks that you can use to help make your arrangement look professional and last even longer!

Here’s what you’ll need to create an arrangement of Alstroemeria:

  • 10 stems of Alstroemeria
  • a small vase
  • 1 packet of flower food
  • a pair of floral scissors


Begin by removing all of the leaves on the stem. You don’t want any of these to sit in your water and begin to rot.


In addition to removing the leaves on the stem, remove most of the leaves at the head of the flower. The leaves on Alstroemeria yellow quickly and will make your arrangement look old before its time.


You know those little packets of flower food that come with your flowers? Use them! Flower food helps to extend the life of your flowers by providing nutrients and keeping the water clean of bacteria.


Use your floral scissors to cut your stems on an angle. Do you know why we cut stems on an angle? Two reasons, it makes it easier to insert them into and arrangement and provides a larger surface area for the flower to drink up water.


Insert your stems one at a time on an angle into your vase. Placing the stems on an angle helps to lock them into place and make for a fuller more professional looking arrangement. Always work from the outside perimeter of the vase in toward the center. Place the base of the head of the flower just above the top of the vase and as you work your way in cut your stems slightly longer.


Finish placing all ten stems and there you have it, a lovely, professional looking and long lasting arrangement of alstroemeria!


Salute, Sharleen

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