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July 9, 2014, In: Floral, Flower Guide

The name hydrangea comes from the Greek words “hydor,” meaning water, and “angos,” meaning jar or vessel. This translates to “water barrel” referencing the hydrangeas need for a lot of water and its cup shaped florets.

Hydrangeas are available year round and come in white, blue, pink and purple. The color of a hydrangea is determined by the acidity level of the soil the hydrangea was grown in.


If cutting your hydrangeas yourself, be sure to cut early in the morning while it’s still cool out. Cut as far down on the stem as you can at a sharp angle and place directly into cool water that has been treated with floral preservative. Allow your hydrangeas to drink for a couple of hours before arranging with them.

If working with previously cut hydrangeas (store bought) be sure to give your hydrangeas a fresh cut  1-2 inches above the end of the stem. Always cut at a strong angle and place directly into cool water with floral preservative. Hydrangeas should never be out of water for more than two hours.


Remember to remove any leaves that fall below the water line. However, you’ll want to leave on as many leaves above the water line as you can since they help the flower to pull up water.

Hydrangeas love water! If yours wilt prematurely, you can be sure that it is an issue with the flowers ability to drink. Check your water level and add more water if necessary, give the stem a fresh cut at an angle about an inch above the previous cut and spritz the flower head with cool water. You can even soak the entire flower in cool water for 15-30 minutes to help revive it if needed.


I’m often asked what flowers go with hydrangeas. I think hydrangeas and roses are lovely together, as are hydrangeas and carnations or peonies. I also like to tuck flowers such as spray roses, mini callas or freesia  in between the large head of the hydrangea, but my favorite way to display hydrangeas is all on their own! They are so large and stunning that it really only takes a few in a vase to make a beautiful arrangement!



Salute, Sharleen

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