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January 13, 2015, In: Organizing

Last week we organized the pantry, this week we’re moving out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.

I am fortunate enough to have a daughter who designs jewelry and as a result I have a lot of jewelry! Keeping all that jewelry organized and accessible is a challenge. I have a vintage dressing table in my bedroom that has sat unused for the last ten years! The other day while searching for a pair of earrings and getting frustrated that I couldn’t find them, I decided I needed to get organized. Then I had the brilliant idea to turn my dressing table into a giant jewelry box. There are six deep drawers and a ton of tabletop space, so naturally my next thought was how can I best utilize all that space.  Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest that I think will work well for my dressing table/jewelry box and that you may find useful as well!


I collect milk glass so when I saw this idea to use milk glass vases to hold bracelets by Whippy Cake I knew I would be incorporating this. Not only is it functional but the vases will look nice sitting on my dressing table.


I also like Martha Stewart’s stylish idea for holding earrings and necklaces using teacups. Each cup could be used to hold sets of earrings and bracelets or necklaces that I often pair together for quick and easy access.


I’m in love with this DIY industrial pipe jewelry holder by Making Home Base. I think the contrast of the industrial piping and vintage milk glass will look nice on my dressing table.


Here’s another great DIY for a ring holder by Michelle NG using foam. I like this simple yet professional looking way to display and access your rings.


Lastly, this stackable jewelry organizing system available at The Container Store is a beautiful and functional way to organize jewelry and can be tucked away into a drawer or left out for display.

Want more organizing ideas? Follow our Organization Board on Pinterest.

Salute, Sharleen


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