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January 8, 2015, In: Organizing

One of my goals this year is to get organized and stay organized! I’m starting with my kitchen, since it’s the busiest and most often used room in our home. My pantry is a constant challenge to keep clean and organized. To begin with it has wire shelving. I can’t stand wire shelving! Items don’t sit properly on them, things fall through, they are difficult to clean and stuff is always getting caught on them. Urgh! Rather than switch them out for wood shelving, I’m going to try this idea from I Heart Organizing:


Simply cover foam board with contact paper and you have instant even shelving with no gaps! I love it!

After researching several options for organizing canned goods, I found this solution by Eleven Gables to be the best.


It’s simple, inexpensive and most importantly, it works! I’ve already ordered my stackable baskets from Amazon!

I have a handful of old clementine crates that I just can’t bring myself to throw out. Good thing, The Kitchn has rounded up 10 inspiring ideas for reusing those old crates around your kitchen.


I’ll be using mine in the pantry to hold onions, potatoes and garlic!

For all those miscellaneous bottles of oil, dressing, syrup, ketchup etc. I like the idea of using a lazy susan. I Should Be Mopping The Floor, recommends the 18″ size from Bed Bath and Beyond.


Lastly, I love using mason jars to hold pasta, rice and other dried goods. Right now, none of them are labeled and although they are see through it can be difficult to tell some things apart. These pantry labels by Lia Griffith are just what I need. Not only are they beautiful, but they are functional as well.


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Salute, Sharleen


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