Growing Your Own Herb Garden

June 18, 2014, In: Gardening, How-to

One of the easiest and most rewarding types of gardens to grow is an herb garden!


Not only are herbs easy to grow, growing your own herbs is far less expensive than buying fresh herbs at the grocery store.

I grow my herbs in pots on my deck just outside the patio doors for quick and easy access!

I also only grow herbs that I know I’ll use. There are so many choices available, but here are my favorites to grow.


1 – basil: great for use in Italian cooking including sauces, pizza and pesto
2 – parsley: makes an excellent garnish
3 – oregano: used in Italian and Mexican cooking
4 – cilantro: commonly used in Mexican cooking including my favorite, salsa!
5 – dill: used in dips, creamy salads like potato salad and is excellent with fish
6 – chives: their light onion flavor makes them great for use in salads
7 – spearmint: used for making tea
8 – rosemary: used to infuse oils and butter, excellent with steak and vegetables
9 – mint: also used for making tea and used in everyone’s favorite summer cocktail, mojitos!



Most herbs can be grown together in a pot. Just check to be sure they have the same sunlight and watering needs. I like to grow my basil(1), parsley(2), oregano(3), cilantro(4) and dill(5) together.



Some herbs can be very invasive, so they get their own pots. These include chives and mint.



Rosemary also gets it’s own pot. Not because it’s invasive, but because it likes to dry out between watering. I find if I put it with the other herbs, I end up over watering and eventually killing it.

You may have noticed in the picture above that there are two pots that aren’t labeled. That’s because those pots aren’t herb containers, they are salad bowls! More on that in a future post! Until then, try growing some herbs! Herb gardening is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add a little spice to your cooking!

Salute, Sharleen






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