Haunted House

October 30, 2014, In: Entertaining, Halloween, Home Decor, Occasion


As promised, here are my “Haunted House” Halloween 2014 pictures!


I’m not a big fan of the blood and gore that usually comes with Halloween decorations, so I tend to keep my decor more on the haunted, creepy, eerie or spooky side of things.


Since the first thing you see when you come into my home is my staircase, I started there! The mice silhouettes are simply wall decals that I picked up at Target.


I like to create vignettes in my home, this one is on top of the piano. For the floral arrangement, I simply added a bunch of dried materials that I gathered from my garden to a silk black floral branch that I picked up at Micheals and placed them in a vintage Fenton hobnail vase.


I use cheesecloth instead of the fake spider webbing that you can buy in a bag because I have pets and worry about them chewing on the polyester webbing.


I also use a lot of fake spiders! Most people are put off by creepy crawly things and I find a few well placed spiders can create a huge effect!


Bats work well too! These bat silhouettes from Target help give my living room that haunted feeling I’m going for.


A few skeleton bones and some candles are all the fireplace needs to make my guests wonder about me!


The skeleton bones are also from Target.


Speaking of Target, I got the cat skeleton, animated witch head ball and glass apothecary jars from there as well! Gotta love Target!


I like to use vintage pieces in my decor. They add a bit of authenticity as well as just being really cool! This is an old medical practice reference that I have open on my coffee table.


I find vintage doll heads to be especially creepy, so at Halloween my collection comes out and is placed through out the house to help give my guests that unsettling feeling that comes with a broken doll head staring at you!


They say the devil is in the details, and that is especially true when it comes to Halloween decor! Vintage fortune cards, collected spider and butterfly specimens…


Animal skeletons with air plants in them, a black crow…


and an eyeball wreath, all help add to that eerie feeling of a haunted house!

Happy Haunting everyone!

Salute, Sharleen

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