Make Your Own Prom/Wedding Boutonniere

May 23, 2014, In: DIY, Floral, How-to


So now that you’ve made yourself a beautiful silk corsage, it’s time to make a matching boutonniere for your man!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper covered wire (I got mine from Save on Crafts)
  • Wire cutters
  • Silk Flowers

For my silk flowers, I chose to use a ranunculus bud, ranunculus leaf, eucalyptus leaf, two small white filler flowers and three blades of grass.


Using the paper covered wire, bind the three blades of grass together, looping two of them over and leaving one straight up. Trim your ends.


Then gather the silk flowers in your hand, layering the ranunculus bud and filler flowers on top of your greens, until you are happy with how they look.


Once you have everything where you want it, bind it all together with the paper covered wire.


Trim your stems to all the same length with your wire cutters and trim the blade of grass that is straight up to about 1.5″ in length, and that’s it, you’ve made a silk floral boutonniere!


To secure the boutonniere to your man’s lapel, you have two choices. You could use a large pin with a pearl head or since the binding wire is metal you can use a high powered magnet. Simply place your boutonniere on top of the lapel and your magnet on the underside of the lapel behind where the binding wire is.

Salute, Sharleen


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