Mother’s Day- Inspired Tea Towel

May 5, 2015, In: Crochet, DIY, Entertaining, Mother's Day


Hello! Mother’s Day is this weekend, so here’s a little handmade idea for that special lady. Inspired by Denise’s printable design, I created a tea towel for a Mother’s Day brunch or breakfast in bed! Here’s the instructions:


Gather your materials:

  • Tea Towel (I bought a pack of five flour sack towels for $5!)
  • Ruler
  • Tape (I used artist’s tape, but painter’s tape should work well.)
  • Fabric Paint (I found that the Tulip brand worked best, as it it’s a little thinner and easier to manage.)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Fabric Marker (Again, I prefer the Tulip brand.)


1. Tape the towel to a flat surface. Remember that the paint will most likely soak through, so make sure to use a washable surface or place cardboard behind the towel. Then, tape off the area you wish to paint. I measured 4″ from the bottom of the towel and 3 1/2″ from the seam. To protect the seam, I taped it off as well.


2. Start painting! I tried not to over-think it. I found that it worked best to add a small splotch of white paint with the tip of the paint bottle and then add a very small amount of either pink or yellow (our choices based on the design). Then, I used the paint brush to swirl them together on the fabric. This approach seemed to give the paint a sort of watercolor-like look, which is a great effect. Let dry for about an hour.


3. Add a background color. This was a little tricky. I mixed white and a blue together on a scrap piece of paper to get this beautiful shade. I added a little bit of water to the brush to get more of a watercolor look. Let dry.


4. I used the other end of the paintbrush to get these lovely little circles!


5. After everything dried, I experimented a little with the paint and markers. I found that this black fabric marker worked best for the line work of these daises and roses. It’s not perfect, but I really love the look of it!


There you have it! However, as I love to crochet, I added a simple border. You can find the pattern and tutorial here at One Sheepish Girl. (I love LOVE her patterns!)


Check back to see how Sharleen puts everything together for Mother’s Day! Enjoy!

Salute, Cassie


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