Moving Day: Designing our Team Logo

September 14, 2015, In: Design, Drawing, Hand Lettering, Living

team_logoMoving Day: Designing our Team Logo!

Two years ago, in the middle of battling some critical health issues, our father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. There were some scary days, but we were fortunate he overcame the worst of it. He has regained his strength and now focused on his health. Last year, our sister Marie was looking for a way to get involved and came across the Parkinson Foundation website and Moving Day. She created a team in honor of my father and they joined in last year. She since named the team “Roger’s Distractions” due to the fact that they were distracted by many things on the walk that day and came across the finish line last. No worries, “movement” and exercise play a major role in treating Parkinson’s disease. It truly is about the journey and not the destination.

For this year’s Moving Day, Marie asked that I design a logo. I said ‘yes!” What a great way for me to be involved since I live in Chicago and they are all in Buffalo. So I got busy.

I knew I wanted to do something with a brain since Parkinson’s occurs when there there are problems with certain nerve cells in the brain. I thought I’d make the team name “Roger’s Distractions” in the brain shape and then have some of my Dad’s favorite “distractions” floating around.

First I sketched:Moving Day: Designing our Team Logo

Then I inked:logo_inked

Then I scanned my ink drawing and cleaned everything up in Adobe Photoshop before bringing it over to Adobe Illustrator to vectorize. Vectors are clean, smooth lines. Perfect for logos! I added a digital ‘burst’ behind the brain logo and decided on colors.

Moving Day: Designing our Team Logo

I wanted a somewhat vintage feel so I went with a weathered blue and grey-ish tan for the brain (perfect for a brain, right?!).

Then I got to work on the ‘distractions.’ I’m certainly my father’s daughter, distractions are something I have plenty of as well.

Moving Day: Designing our Team Logo

A few of my Father’s distractions, Fords and of course… his ’67 pickup.

I brought everything into Adobe Illustrator and finalized my design.Moving Day: Designing our Team Logo

Our walk was on Sunday, check back on Wednesday to see how we did! Sharleen will share photos from the event in Buffalo, plus a few from Chicago where I joined the team in spirit!

Make sure you visit the Parkinson Foundation Moving Day website to learn more about the event and how they help those with Parkinson’s. If you can make a donation, great! Any support is welcome.

Salute, Denise

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