November Mood Board

November 1, 2015, In: Mood Boards

Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils.
— Cyril Connolly

November Mood Board

Welcome November and all the wonderful things you bring. Beautiful falling leaves, Thanksgiving pies, and beginning to prepare for the holidays. Here’s my November mood board and a few things that have me inspired this month.

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Pie Box: I love to make pies for Thanksgiving but they’re so hard to transport. These beautiful pie boxes could be just the answer. They were sold out when I last looked. Hoping I can get my hands on one. Speaking of pies… I saw this recipe for vodka pie crust. Has anyone tried this?

Paperwhites: Paperwhites are perfect for Christmas and they’re so easy to force. If you start them soon, you’ll have them in time for the holidays. They take about 4–5 weeks to bloom. You’ll need some paperwhite bulbs, a container, and some pebbles or gravel. Fill your container with a few inches of pebbles and then place the bulbs on the pebbles. Make sure they’re snug so they’ll be stable once they start to grow. They’ll be top heavy and you want them to have a nice solid base. Add water up to the base of the bulbs and make sure you maintain your water level. You want the bases of your bulbs to stay moist at all times. That’s it! You’ll have fragrant festive blooms in no time. (image courtesy of Sharleen)

Geometric Glass Terrarium: Yes, my plant obsession continues. I stumbled across these geometric terrariums on Etsy the other day and I think they’d look wonderful sitting in a sunny window with a simple succulent sitting inside.

Ginko: Ginko trees are quite possibly my favorite tree! I love how their leaves dance when they catch the wind and the lovely yellow color they turn in the fall. This print on Etsy captures that color perfectly!

Hair Tie Bracelet: I think this BitterSweet hair tie bracelet is brilliant! I try to always have a hair tie with me, but for some reason I never have one when I need it. I don’t like wearing them on my wrists, but this bracelet would change that. Genius!

Have a great November!

Salute, Denise

(pompon dahlia)

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    You listed so many wonderful things for the month of November!! Mine is Family!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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