Pi Day Chalkboard How-to

March 26, 2014, In: Hand Lettering, How-to

For the back of the pie table, we decided to recreate the invitation pi drawing onto a real chalkboard. I thought I’d share with you how I did it!pi day party tablescape

I started out with a large printout of my drawing. Your local FedEx/Kinko store should be able to handle this.



I went over the back of the drawing with chalk. You don’t need to be exact here. Just make sure you have chalk coverage on the entire drawing.


I then flipped the drawing over and traced over it with pencil. Make sure you trace over the entire drawing.


The chalk on the back will transfer to the chalkboard. It will be faint, but you’re just looking for a guide here. I then used the transfered guide to draw my illustration.


The sides of the chalkboard need a little something so I freehanded a scallop edge.


The final chalkboard!

We needed to transport the chalkboard to my mother’s house still. To keep the chalk from rubbing off, we gave it a light coat of hairspray.

chalkboard_howto7 chalkboard_howto8

Salute, Denise

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