Pi Day Party How-to’s

April 2, 2014, In: DIY, Entertaining, How-to

So many of the details of my sister’s Pi/Pie Day Birthday party were handmade that I thought I’d share a few of the how to’s with you today.

First up, the pie signs! For each pie we created a mini sign that we then wrote the name of the pie on. I looked for mini chalkboard tags for this but couldn’t find any so I decided to create them myself. I started with a pack of chipboard shapes that I found at our local Hobby Lobby.


In keeping with the usage of chalkboards for the party, I painted the chipboard shapes with leftover chalkboard paint that I had on hand.

chipboard painted

Then I asked my sister Denise to use her fabulous lettering skills to write the names of the pies on the tags. With hot glue, I added a wooden skewer to the back of each and inserted them into the pies!

pie signs

Next up, the Happy Birthday Pie Banner. This was made by my daughter Cassie, she began by cutting out very small triangles from black card stock. Then used a white marker to draw a pie crust detail at the top of each triangle and to spell out “Happy Birthday”. Finally, she carefully glued each triangle to two pieces of ribbon.

pie banner

The ribbon was then tied to wooden dowels and simply inserted into the pie. We chose to put it in the peanut butter pie since it was still frozen and the deepest of the pies. This way we didn’t worry about it falling over.

finished pie banner

Lastly, the take home pie boxes. We figured we may have some leftover pie that our guests might like to take home with them, so I made some take home pie boxes out of black card stock. I used the Martha Stewart template found here and simply followed the instructions. After some tracing, cutting and folding I had a stack of pie shaped boxes!

pie boxes

At the end of the night, when it was time to divide up the leftovers, we used our white marker again to label each of the boxes so our guests could easily determine what kind of pie was inside!

pie box

Taking the time to create each of these details really helped to contribute to the overall look and feel that we were going for with this party, and best of all, it was as easy as pie! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Salute, Sharleen

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