Summertime Peach Coconut Cocktail

August 21, 2014, In: Cocktails, Food and Drink

Peach Coconut Cocktail

Summertime Peach Coconut Cocktail! It may feel like fall lately here in the Midwest, but it is August and technically summer! You’ll want to keep this recipe on hand  since summer could start at any time, and peaches are still in season.

This recipe makes two drinks. You’ll need some coconut infused vodka (I used Skyy), coconut water, two (small) peaches, cinnamon, mint and some edible flowers to garnish (optional). I went with mint and marigolds because the smell just says summer to me. Gem Marigolds are editable and you probably have a ton in your garden by now, so why not! (Click here to see a list of other editable flowers).

In a blender, combine two pealed peaches, about 1/2 cup of coconut water and 4–6 dashes of cinnamon. Blend until smooth. Fill two tall glasses 3/4 of the way with ice. Pour in one shot of coconut vodka into each glass and half of the peach/coconut water blend. Stir until combined and top off with more coconut water. Garnish with mint springs, peach slices, and editable flowers.

Peach Coconut CocktailIt’s a peachy/beachy kind of flavor! Throw on some sandals, kick back and enjoy!

Salute, Denise

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