The (many!) Benefits of Flax Seed

July 29, 2014, In: Food and Drink, Healthy Eating

benefits of flaxseed

Flax seed is so easy to incorporate into your diet. Just toss a spoonful in your smoothie, sprinkle on top of your morning oatmeal, or stir a bit into yogurt. They have a nice nutty flavor that compliments just about everything and you only need a few tablespoons to enjoy the benefits.

(just a few) Flax Seed Facts:
  • Good source of fiber
  • Shown to reduce hot flashes
  • Contains lignans (reduce the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men)
  • Rich in omega-3
  • Lowers cholesterol

When eaten whole, flax seed is more likely to pass through your intestinal track undigested so it’s a good idea to purchase it ground or grind it yourself using and electric coffee grinder. Keep in mind that flax seed is prone to oxidization, once it’s ground keep it in the freezer. Whole flax seed tends to keep longer since the outside shell protects the fatty acids inside the seed. Whole flax seed can be kept in a dark cool place for up to a year.

Flax seed is great to bake with! If a recipe calls for two or more cups of flour, try replacing 1/4 to 1/2 cup of it with ground flax seed. Head over to our Pinterest flax seed board for recipes and more tips!

Have any recipes or tips to add flax seed to your diet, please do share!

Salute, Denise

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