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Second, one of the things to consider in selecting skills is how they synergise with your equipment, your preferred play-style, and the other skills you choose. Strictly Necessary Cookies These Cookies are needed for the following: To save your preferences for cookie settings.

Matthew Cox
Tuesday, April 27, 2021
  • View source. I probably prefer the Fast Ball more as it's deals more concentrated damage and this results in better Bloodsplosion damage.

  • Daily Newsletter. So, you may want to worry more about using ammo fruitfully.

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Be patient — it takes a while. Salvador is the in-your-face dual-wielding one-man army of the group. Item rarity goes from white common through green uncommonblue rarepurple very rareto orange legendary.

A good purple can give you more damage than the Seraph -Pun-chee. The last round can be repeated indefinitely, but you only have to finish it once for the achievement. When this happens, you better run, take cover below something, or shoot it down. Description should mention 'Causes standard explosion'. He uses fire attacks, so best idea would be to stay out of range and go full on with whatever you have.

  • Oaken Wolf. Try to get critical hits with your melee attacks, you'll be able to do this more consistently with practice.

  • The purple tentacles can be downed easily by hit the purple spots, and the purple eye can be hit for critical damage.

  • Posters found on pinned to walls in several locations illustrate a bus-like hovercraft labeled "Hopper Transportation.

  • Not only do they give you a nice damage resistance bonus matching resistance to the last damage type receivedthey also increase your health. To be able to farm him, you'll have to start the 'This Just In' side mission and complete it.

  • New player looking for help. I only have about 10 proficiency with it, so I'm waiting for it to increase.

Comparing Shields: A similar situation exsits for shields: there are a variety of types, in multiple rarities, that can also have elemental effects and immunities. Your spoiler-free guide to characters, gear, loot, quests, and skills for your first play-through, covering Windshear Wastes to Sanctuary. Fetch the item you need and head back to the vending machines. It'll never move throughout the whole fight. Warning: This will make farming much, much harder.

This mission differs from other timed missions in that after collecting all of the arms, the character needs to return to Overlook before the count down expires. Can you lend me a monocle, borderlands 2 arms dealing tips to lose weight Daily Newsletter. As the others have said aim for the critical parts on him, and if you have an alien weapon then you should use that on account of it will never run out of ammo. On pistols and certain assault rifles, however, this is the number of rounds per shot: a X2 modifier means it shoots two bullets at once. Xbox - New starter to borderlands 2. Like this: Like Loading

Arms Dealing

Designer's Cut: Punkball. Those Legendaries make a huge difference in terms of power - but that's another story. If you don't have this, a Toast or Torch Class Mod will work.

F0ll0wthr0ough: Extra movement speed and melee damage. Here's the kicker: if you don't hand in the Treasure of the Sands mission, you'll be able to keep accessing the Lair of the Leviathan, weight you can do some shifty stuff to glitch your way back into the room so you can keep looting the chests inside. Don't over invest into fire damage and keep some other elemental weapons handy. You could use a Fire Bee which is a powerful powerful grenade mod but you run the risk of hurting yourself with it. Frostbiter Sentry. Videos for OP10 Gunzerker are up. The Son of Crawmerax the Invincible.

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The abdomen, however, is unarmored and is the creature's weakest point. You don't want to enter Fight for your Life after you've moved too far from everything you need to kill to get back up. Use Deathtrap wisely, as he takes a long time to recharge and you won't want him on cooldown when you run into tough enemies. You'll need to use an elevator and get a guy named 'Mortar' to come down. The first is a bit North-West of the Ore Chasm map exit. Targets of Opportunity.

Have no fear, your map is here! For now, just note that your level also determines your base health and melee damage. Submit your photo Hall of fame. First time player, who should I play as? This guide continues in Part 2, covering Sanctuary to Bloodshot Stronghold. Once you completed the mission and handed it in, the assassins are repeatable, although the map - and the level of the drops - remains locked in NVHM. When I defeated the Destroyer with the Siren on my first try, I threw several grenades into what appeared to be its mouth.

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I found that a glorious havoc machine gun with good accuracy works as borderlabds as a sniper for the larger targets, and a cobra 3 shot burst works well against the tentacles. Sign up using Email and Password. And in contrast to Kempeth's answer, I don't keep my distance; I try to get as close as possible to minimize the amount of projectiles missing. User Info: tfviper

  • History Talk Drivable vehicles have a nitrous boost accessory in their engines, which provides a brief burst of speed.

  • Cancel X. User Info: UltimateZ5.

  • Remember Tediore's weapons special ability? I mainly used mirv and singularity grenades until I swapped to the Fast Ball for end game damage.

  • Weught class mod that increases your Life Tap skill. You won't need the health regen when you have the Grog Nozzle You won't loose the attack speed bonus from Keep Firing if you choose to manually reload your guns as long as you keep holding the trigger down while you push your reload key.

Salpe86 Salpe86 2 2 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. It will become harder to time your Release the Beast and survive as you start to progress through the Over Power levels and enemies chunk more health. A Squall of Violence - Kill 20 enemies with bladed guns. One of the alleyways on the right. Just open every container you see.

Email Required, but never shown. Improve this ar,s. Instead head back towards the second bridge and go right on the path:. The other workable strategies are to: 1 hit them with a grenade or explosive shot stuns them momentarily and breaks the attack ; or 2 run sideways in a circle. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. If not ask me anything about this game in help wise or if you wanna play MW2.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Boss Tips and Strategy

The current borderlanes Fast Travel is where you will spawn after quitting and restarting, and also allows you to switch to any other maps you have discovered. Completing this quest automatically unlocks the next story mission Hunting the Fireehawk. Cancel X. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. That will waste a lot of time.

Is my campaign borderands without an AdWords Consultant? How do I beat the end-boss in Borderlands? Now, on with the story… Back to table of contents Best Minion Ever Alright, back to the main story quest. Enable or Disable Cookies. Raja is obsessed with technology and Cricket for as long as he can remember. On your way through this area to the mext marker, you may well encounter one of the oddball mini-bosses in the game.

Campaign of Carnage. I'd like to get a shock type Interfacer shotgun but i haven't bothered yet as the Florentine is good enough. Many Must Fall: When killing an enemy, you gain extra deception time. First up is trading. Kill enemies with the turret the turret needs to get the last hit on an enemy to unlock this achievement. If that doesn't work, quit to the main menu and continue again. The easiest tactic would be to get to the lower level when Mike is on the small bridge, and go back to where you came from.

Email Required, but never shown. Take a vehicle to the Bloodshot Stronghold gate in Three Horns Valleyand follow instructions: Honk your horn, pull back, and wait for your cue. Because that would be totally awesome…. Side Quest.

Weapons Arsenal

It takes a long time but he's oose a bullet sponge. Follow Us Follow PrimeInspiratio. Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. Poor guy - no wonder he seems so angry! Looking at Axtonfor example, you can see that he has two skills in tier 1 for each of his GuerillaGunpowderand Survival trees.

Top Voted Answer. When they die, bosses release their loot tops a lootsplosionso it can scatter over a fair area. I cycled through them till I discovered that for me a combination of CR and the baron's boomstick killed him easily, if not quickly. The purple tentacles can be downed easily by hit the purple spots, and the purple eye can be hit for critical damage.

Jump on the sides of loss dome, on the right you can crouch behind a rock. Psst, Hey Buddy These items increase your ammo limit, inventory size etc. Instead of posing a challenge that requires tactics and clever plays, Raid Bosses can be long drawn out fights with the team losing due to lack of ammo rather than lack of ability. Tubby's have a good chance to drop valuable items.

After successfully bossing the bosses, you part company with your guide for horderlands. Share on Tumblr. When you get here again no enemies should spawn. But if you do you will probably drive of a cliff and may get stuck. But any other combination probably involves a fair amount of backtracking. So, you may want to worry more about using ammo fruitfully.

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This Redditor feels the system is set up that only legendary gear is viable on harder levels. You get there via Hero's Pass. A great place to get some cover, is to turn around.

Eridium can tl found by opening chests, loot from enemies, mission rewards etc. Axton - Aggressive Ranger. Each mission has a list with check boxes on what you need to do. You can also use the shield around Angel as cover. It might happen that no more enemies will spawn and nothing will happen. This item has been added to your Favorites.

It's risky trying to recover health when you're already low. Also, getting the right Lady Fists can yo annoying. Ruin can group baddies up under your Phaselocked target to make this more efficient 'clear what's below then pop the bubble'. The Legendary Nurse Mod will give you the best stats. Will drain your shield every time you use the AMP. Constructor Destructor - Kill 5 Constructors. You probably want to deal some damage first and use grenades as a finisher.

True Vault Hunter Mode

Pick up the echo log from the bulletin board, and listen to the message. Once everything is done, return to Sanctuaryturn in to the Firehawkand pick up In Memoriam. I don't know if this helped but I had no trouble at all defeating this boss.

  • Use a weapon with a Corrosive element. So play safe.

  • What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session? Aim for the mouth.

  • There are also a few area specific challenges which require you to discover a certain area. After you loot the treasre room, you'll be able to accept another mission to repeat the last 2 missions of the DLC and loot it again.

  • Class mods in NVHM will add fewer points than those obtained in the other modes.

From time to time the tentacles will grow back again and you'll have to shoot them off a few more times so it's important that you save enough sniper bullets for that and use the slower ranged weapons for the eye. Most important to note is the sticky, delayed detonation characteristic of the pistols spikers and darts and some shotguns splatguns. Rewards: A vitality relic of blue rarity, or a green rarity shield; XP. Check These Out! User Info: chickenwing

When you have destroyed the tongue the eye part begins. If your the right level It is a breeze. The weighf mailbox is on the front porch of the tower. Hitta vilse tips to lose weight do I beat The Destroyer? Strictly Necessary Cookies These Cookies are needed for the following: To save your preferences for cookie settings. From time to time the tentacles will grow back again and you'll have to shoot them off a few more times so it's important that you save enough sniper bullets for that and use the slower ranged weapons for the eye. What about safety?

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Once you have completed the last round turn in the mission to unlock the achievement. Using tis Sirens Maya action skill, the Phaselock, on a flying enemy to stop it mid-air will not work with this achievement. Killed a flying enemy with a thrown Tediore weapon Tediore weapons check the weapon stats, the name is listed below have a special ability, so to say. Once thrown, it damages enemies and leeches health and gives it to you. You'll get attacked by bandits first.

Wizards Dragon Keep. In my game it didn't show as being missing on the map so watch out. Vehicle Controls. This build is based around rocket launcher damage, grenade damage and explosive turrets. Community Ads for

Again, it's not a flagrant one, but it kills that mystery. After some dialogue, and completing a task, you can access the map borderlands 2 arms dealing tips to lose weight to pass through to Southern Welght and the next part of the story. Submit your photo Hall of fame. More Buzzards! A fantastic addition to any team for co-op, she can never-the-less easily hold her own on the battlefield in solo play. It'll never move throughout the whole fight. Doing it this way, you should end the mission with several minutes left on the clock.

Most of these will have hard-to-hit Critical locations, and will either be in your face with Melee or swarming you with Machine Gun fire and Grenades. If you can't reach them, there's a stairs all the way on the right. Telling you to use some equipment that you won't get until late into the game would be rather pointless - if you're already to the endgame, why would you be needing this? She has a larger abdomen and head than the rest of them. Once you reach the constructor, try to stay alive.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 3 Community Back. Shields: Roid Rage - Kill 5 enemies while buffed by a "Maylay" shield. Be very careful when recovering from Fight for your Life as you will revive with no shields and low health. Submit your photo Hall of fame. The reason only a handful of weapons are viable on higher difficulties is that players want the game to be more difficult.

This build struggled in Tiny Tina's DLC because there are a large number of enemies that close in on you quickly like charging orcs and flying skulls. Change language. I've played a lot of Borderlands 2. Ammo Eater - Absorb 20 ammo with an Absorption shield.

Borserlands Out It melted most things with the Bee shield. This build does not offer much health recovery as it's about avoiding damage. Welcome The guide started because I wanted to share some of the more silly builds I tried -they may not be the most powerful but perhaps more enjoyable.

Expand to Read Full Story. Asked 8 years, 2 months ago. For more information on the categories of personal information we collect and the purposes we use them for, please view our Notice at Collection. He will raise his arm.


The Nukem is the easiest orange rocket launcher to get can buy from Torgue vending machines and works fine enough. The cause is unknown so the best you can do is continue collecting pictures. I Totes Planned That Boss.

It is only visible to you. They argue that the remaining characters are less meaningful deaoing entertaining and, consequently, would have been better candidates to kill off. It would allow more build types to be viable instead of just the metas. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. One great hiding place is to turn around and hide behind a steel panel sticking out on the right.

  • You probably want to use an explosive shotgun. Well, somewhat.

  • The boss has a vertical mouth. Good synergy means getting the most out of your skill points.

  • Let it slag some folks while you switch to the appropriate elemental sniper fire for flesh, corrosive for armor yellow health barshock for shields, or explosive for all-around decent damage on everything.

  • Maya - Fierce Cat. Complete guide how to get all achievements in Borderlands 2 and DLC's.

It is later introduced in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, first as enemy vehicles piloted by a Lance crew, and then later becomes available for player control. But he won't come down, but instead you're welcomed with a nice surprise attack. Be careful though, there are many different beasts held captive here that will attack you. This is issue is also countered by using a Bee shield. Chemical Sprayer - Kill 10 enemies with "Area of Effect" grenades. We want to tell you how the news matters to you -- not just as a decision-maker at a game studio, but also as a fan of games.

Need help with retrieving cloud save character. Popular Posts Popular Posts Tags. Sign up for free! View source. Second, one of the things to consider in selecting skills is how they synergise with your equipment, your preferred play-style, and the other skills you choose.

This guide continues in Part 2, covering Sanctuary to Bloodshot Stronghold. Now, on with the story…. Doing it this way, you should end the mission with several minutes left on the clock. Warning: This will make farming much, much harder.

Suggested Items: This build does not require a specific weapon but does give borderlands 2 arms dealing tips to lose weight boosts to rocket launchers so try to find a high damage rocket launcher such as The Nukem, Badaboom, 12 Pounder or Norfleet. Current visibility: Hidden. Save Deathtrap for when you come up against challenging enemies. Don't rush into an area with enemies. You'll need bits and pieces of his voice recorded from a few kiosks around. If you quit and continue afterwards, you'll spawn very close to this spawn location. Go stand where you have to activate the storage lift.

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Your best bet would a Rocket launcher, sniper, rifle or SMG. Look for relics that will give bonus damage or survivability. Purple is rare loot, but not as rare as Orange. Enjoy :. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group.

Also, new wieght types which borderlands 2 arms dealing tips to lose weight may remember if you played Borderlands 1 - Spiderants! While they can be non-elemental like the mission weapon in X-Com-municate they are more likely to be either acidfireshockor slag. Privacy Policy Contact Us. This means that sometimes you may end up going in opposite directions, but you can usually tell where he is from the yells and screams. Head towards the mailbox. The final part yields the legendary shield, the Flame of the Firehawk When depeleted, this shield fires repeated incendiary novas until it starts recharging. Whenever tentacles show up, shoot them on the orbs.

Either kill the midgets, or shoot the chain. 22 Hunt. You could also move the 5 points in Duty Calls lower left mid tree to somewhere else if you want to use elemental weapons. Diss M. There is a really fast and cheap way to kill the Leviathan: On the left-hand side of the room there is a ledge with 2 ammo chests on it, by standing behind them the Leviathan will not spawn any worms and none of his attacks can hurt you or at the very least will do only minimal damage.

Deathtrap is also fairly useless against aerial units in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. Unsheathed 5 swords from Immortal Skeletaurs without leaving the area For this achievement you need to kill five Immortal Skeletaurs without leaving the map or exiting the game, you can die though. It took about 5 minutes on OP2. BONUS: Badass tokens and the permanent stat increases you get for them are saved across all your characters, but challenges are not.

Axton's damage won't scale as well as Zero's but the turret damage helps, you'll have a bit more survivability and lsoe more comfortable sniping while your turrets are taking the flak. Be careful with grenades getting thrown at you. The build also hypes up his attack speed which allows you to melt enemies with an almost endless barrage of bullets. You probably want to deal some damage first and use grenades as a finisher. Eridium can be spent at the Black Market in Sanctuary.

Which Character Do I Choose? The worse part is that Caelan is saying to shoot NOT the dealibg weak points. As long as the tentacles are around they shoot missiles at you in periodic intervals. I suck at driving these stupid cars. No plans at the moment, although it would be a fun idea. The temptation is there to try and jump up the cliff to get to the mailbox. How do I beat Mad Mel?

To start this mission you will need to have first completed the mission "Fake Geek Guy", then talk to Torgue in 'Flamerock Refuge' and initiate the mission 'Raiders of the Last Boss'. Bonded Guns, Love, and Tentacles. General Newsletters Got a news tip? They also grant extra mission bonuses.

The first mailbox is on an elevated platform:. On PT2 I killed him while taking minimal damage. What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session? Her robot Deathrap will leap into the fray and attack whatever is attacking you.

  • Nuke can be used to cancel enemy abilities like ion loader shields. There are also side objectives, where you'll have to kill a number of enemies with critical hits.

  • You can either keep to the right and head down into the lower part of the Incinerator Campor pass between the rocks, around the end of the fence, and into the upper portion.

  • Green Meanie - Get 1 "Second Wind" by killing an enemy with corrosive damage over time. Try not to step on the spikes as they damage you and slow you down.

  • Get Hired.

Super Novas - Kill 5 enemies with a Nova burst shield. The only values that matter in term of damage is your level, melee modifier, and skills that modifies melee damage. I'll give some tips for each build, some recommendations equipment and I'll finish with some stuff about the build's weaknesses and some suggestions about what to do to counter them. Most bosses respawn if you quit to the main menu and continue afterwards. Have you played co-op? The achievement unlocks once you stop Gunzerking.

He has 2 spawn locations. Suggested Items: Any explosive weapon will do, guns with large clips that reload like a grenades are great. If achievement won't unlock, then try to kill instead of enemies. Even if an enemy doesn't get hit directly by a rocket, if he stands to close to the explosion, he will receive damage. Otherwise an adaptive shield if you don't have these yet. You probably want to use an explosive shotgun. This build is based around the anarchy skill, being able to maintain strong shields and move quickly between kills.

Alternatively, you can sell them for cash at a vendor, or trade them with another player. Stopping time to admire explosions in Titanfall 2 by Batophobia. Okay, but what if OP didn't choose Lilith? I don't know if this helped but I had no trouble at all defeating this boss.

  • Spiderants are known to burrow underground and tend to frequent areas with relatively flat, open ground. The Son of Crawmerax the Invincible.

  • Shooting at the eye As you can see, I run out of shotgun shells and can't even kill the Destroyer if I shoot it in the eye, but this is not the case with the mouth.

  • Fire will also work great against the engineers. Suggested items As with every build

  • Side Quest 2 Answers How do I get to lynchwood? Non-Campaign DLC.

  • Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Have fun Vault Hunters!

If you shoot the chain, the midgets will start the attack Maw. Borderlands 3. Claptrap forces DLC4. If you have any Slag elemental weapons, use these to your advantage.

Rate this:. Top Voted Answer. Kempeth Kempeth 1, 10 10 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. Sign Up for free lkse Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Completing a tier earns you a certain number of points; accumulating enough points unlocks your next rank, which gives you a token to spend. Answered How do I beat Krom?

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Each of the listings have information on how to use the weapon, where to find it, and further information about the weapon that you might need to know about these bad boys to get the most out of them. It'd be good with just about any weapon. Crimson Lance. Purple is rare loot, but not as rare as Orange. You get there via Hero's Pass.

You need to hit the huge blue spots with white dots on his body. Tear your way through these to reach a couple of Creepers and kill them for rare Minecraft customization options for your character. You will occasionally die from self-immolation. They're great for activating kill skills if you have any and when you find yourself in a Fight for your Life stance, these can help you gain a second wind.

  • Whilst he's pretty huge he shouldn't be that difficult.

  • Sanctuary Side Quests 1 : Time to look around! A better strategy is to use anything that deals explosive or other splash damage, which can get around the shield.

  • Learn more.

  • It may also give you a pleasant suprise in a fight against Bunker. You are ranked number 5, which means you will have fought 3 bosses to reach this mission.

  • Before you head out, open up your inventory and take a look through the contents. Email Name Website.

  • Also a great tactic, Goliaths will spawn. Its right behind a checkpoint.

Challenges guide - part 2. So keep distance or destroy them. If you want to, you can stock up fips ammo and weapons before you go there. These are generally some kind of utility skill and generally grant considerable bonuses. Once thrown, it damages enemies and leeches health and gives it to you. Completely optimized for both devices, including the iPhone 5, this app claims to be the only guide available for the game that has video and map integration to help users learn about what they're dealing with.

I usually end up making two or three trips back to the vending machines before continuing. The temptation is there to try and jump up the cliff to get to the mailbox. Simple Enough? Back to table of contents for part 1 or part 2 Eridium and Upgrades You will have already purchased at least one item from Crazy Earl in the Black Market in Sanctuary.

You need to hit the huge blue spots with white dots on his body. Here's the skill tree: Tips: Any elemental weapon will do but weapons that have a combination of fire rate and good elemental chance will ignite you more often, thus giving you more power. Each AMP shot gives your next shot a bonus damage.

You'll want to be especially careful with EXP loaders, since EXP stands for Explosion, which means they blow themselves into a thousand pieces. Once these have been started or completed, you can start the listed Side missions. Opportunity method:. Farming the loot midgets works better if you have the Natural Selection Annex DLC as you can enter this area and leave it again to create a save checkpoint further into the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve so you don't have to run the whole thing. Once you get to the very end the area with the whirlpoolbe very careful.

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Again, it's not a flagrant one, but it kills that mystery. I had plenty losf ammo but I noticed that the purple missile things he shoot drop ammo if they don't hit you so if you run low just wait for them. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. If you want to make it easy, spawn two cars at Overlook and take one of them over to where the mailbox near the singularity threshers are. Main Quest. If we run out of time too often, we can try a trick: we park a vehicle near the highest location of the three mailboxes in south-eastern region, and we reactivate the mission from Overlooks bounty board using another vehicle. In Borderlands 2 Arms Dealing optional mission, Zed needs our help in collecting some weapons packages before the time runs out.

Start bordfrlands mission and use the catch-a-ride to warp back to the vehicle near the threshers. On PT2 I killed him while taking minimal damage. The maximum number of backpack slots you can get is 39 in addition to your final total of 4 weapons and 4 equipment slots. If you land a head-shot, it knocks their head off.

Newbie : advice? Have draling fear, your map is here! This mission differs from other timed missions in that after collecting all of the arms, the character needs to return to Overlook before the count down expires. What do you need help on? I've tried over and over again, going against him different ways, and I keep running out of ammo.

The random loot generator in the game is weighted to give heads and skins for welght characters being used. Used well, it can also help you make short work of mobs. Just remember the tactics mentioned above, and you should be ok. And remember what we said earlier about elements and enemy types!

Don't over invest into fire vealing and keep some other elemental weapons handy. You can make builds that cater to multiple class mods shift the abilities provided by your class mods as needed. You can destroy entire areas with a few fires of the Norfleet and you can shoot your feet with the Vladof assault rifle while wearing the Sham shield to generate rockets. Some exist as in-game objects that can be can be jumped on or used for cover. This can be good for getting that one superawesome shotgun or relic your friend ninja-looted from you, or for repeatedly selling expensive items for lots of cash.

If looks could heal How the build works Your friends will be happy to have boederlands in their team looking after them with this build. If you're having trouble with a few enemies, let Brick tank them. This guide is geared towards a solo game though, so there won't be a lot of coverage on such co-op strategies. With this build, I leveIed from using grenades as my primary weapon. Nuke skill damage becomes less effective at higher levels.

Both players need to aim at each other borderlads need to press to melee each other. So keep distance or destroy them. Decked Out. Circles of Slaughter. Heath seeking missiles. Some enemies like to run away, hitting them with your thrown buzz axe will make them stumble so you can catch them.

If you get this mission early though while it might take a bit of time and patience it should be fairly easy. Just kill something to activate Life Tap and then hurt your enemies to heal. Am I right or do I just need better equipment to do this? Not weapon specific but prefers fast fire rate, small clip, fast reload weapons. Borderlands Wiki Explore. Take it, take it, take it, take it, take it!

If there are no more bofderlands missions to be done and you haven't done them all, don't worry. First, get yourself killed by the Warrior or anything else, such as the lava. He tends to use this attack soon after he spawns. I pretty much used the Miss Moxi's Good Touch the whole way through -I've settled with one that has an extended magazine. But if he's attacking a Stinging Cactus, there's nothing you can do. The total amount of Eridium you have can be found by opening your menu, go to the weapons tab and look at the bottom.